Sunday Afternoon Miniature Train Ride

21 Aug

The weather forecast today promised clear skies – so we figured it’s time to get our lazy butts outdoors and enjoy a fine winter day. And what more can be exciting for our Thomas-loving little 19-month-old than an afternoon at the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway πŸ˜‰

This place, situated on the east pocket of Melbourne, boasts of miniature trains that adults and kids can actually ride on.

There are a few trains/train lines and the one we chose to ride was the V-Line train above because it had the shorter queue. But the popular trains are the steam-engine ones below.

Our little boy was so excited and couldn’t help but continuously say “choo choo” while we were in the queue waiting for the track to be cleared (apparently, a train broke down just before we arrived).

It was our first time to visit this place and I was a bit anxious about how he will behave during the ride. There are no seatbelts so it is up to you to ensure that your kid is safely inside the train. True enough, he was anxious at the first part of the ride, leaning backward against me in an awkward position. But soon enough he was able to relax and I think was able to enjoy the rest of the ride 😊

I didn’t really have expectations for this visit but it turned out to be a fun experience, one that both kids and adults will enjoy. And for just $3 per ride, it’s not a bad option for a family outing at all! Just ensure though to check the run times on the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society website ( as public running days are scheduled only once a month. 

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