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A Taste of Holland From Down Under

3 Oct

One of the things I like about Melbourne is that it’s a melting pot of different nationalities. The vibrant feel of the entire city is brought about by the variety of things people who have come from different places in the world has to offer.

Having said that, one can really be grateful that an immigrant family from Holland has brought to Victoria a glimpse of what a Dutch countryside looks like. They were able to bring a suitcase full of tulip bulbs to Australia when they migrated here in 1939 (back when there were no laws prohibiting bringing of seeds and flora ;)). The regular interest of crowds wanting to have a look at these unusual flowers has become so huge that Cees and Johanna Tesselaar decided to open their doors to the public, hence, starting an annual festival for these exquisite blooms.

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival runs from September 12 to October 8. There are different festivities scheduled for each weekend. Activities are held for both kids and adults, and so the whole family can come.

Law and I were able to find time to check-out the festival  on the 22nd of September, just in time for Dutch Weekend.


Tulips are amazingly beautiful flowers. Although they don’t really smell nice like other flowers, their texture and lively colors are beyond compare. I know that roses are the most popular choices for flowers, but I’ve always been a tulip girl 🙂



I expected the tulip fields to be more massive and the flower beds to be more packed, and so I was a bit disappointed to see about five lanes of tulip beds. Since the area wasn’t that big, it won’t take you a long time to cover the entire place. It’s a good thing that there are presentations and interesting shops and food booths that let you sample Dutch food.





Had the privilege of trying on some giant clogs for my first-ever shoe selfie 😉 –




The Dutch poffertjes are actually just miniature-sized pancakes. You can choose from several options for toppings and if you know me, you would know all too well that I’d go for the chocolate option. Our plate also had some butter and icing sugar on it.

There’s only one sit-down place where you can have lunch, and in the element of time, we just went for takeaway from several food kiosks. So aside from the poffertjes above, we had corn and baked potato as well (which I hoped had more cheese on it :P) –


Would have loved live musical entertainment, but this barrel organ would have to make do –


We just spent a few hours in the festival, but that’s really long enough to cover the entire area and get a taste of Dutch culture.

All in all, it was a fine, happy spring day. After all, flowers always play their part in cheering up even the gloomiest of days, don’t they?





Post-note: As of this writing, the festival still has a few more days to go before it ends . For more info, you can go to

It is located at 357-359 Monbulk Road, Silvan, Victoria