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Hanami Festival in Melbourne

29 Sep

Law and I went to the Hanami Festival last Sunday in the hopes of seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Cherry Blossoms in Rhododendron Gardens

It was my first time seeing sakura and the flowers were beautiful up close, but  it seemed like the festival was scheduled a bit late. It looked like the flowers were past their peak time in the blooming process and looked like they were going to wilt and fall off soon.. And so I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t help that there aren’t a lot of such trees in this garden, and that Law was making side comments about the event not feeling authentic since most of those selling ‘Japanese food’ and the performers for the drums presentation were mostly Caucasians. But then, we couldn’t really complain since the entrance is just free and we are in Melbourne, not in Japan, after all :p

This event must have brought a sense of nostalgia to the Japanese who came to the festival, though, as this is the closest experience one can have in Melbourne of Japan’s festive spring season.

Picnics under the cherry trees enjoying the sakura in bloom, photo courtesy of Law 🙂

The highlight of our Hanami Festival experience is the drums presentation. It was fun watching the different sequences and watching people from different nationalities enjoying themselves taking part in this Japanese musical presentation 🙂

It was when we were on the way out of the gardens that I realized that I don’t have a photo with the cherry blossoms, but then I still got to have some souvenir photos taken 😀

So there goes our Hanami experience… I hope next time we do get to view the sakura in Japan already 🙂