Street Entertainment in the CBD

21 Aug

In our early months here in Melbourne, Law and I would frequently hang around the CBD streets just to discover new shops and places to eat, and observe the surroundings abuzz with people from all walks of life.

What I found fascinating all these times was how there are so many street entertainers in this city. It seems like anyone can just pick a corner and do his own thing to have a shot of getting spare change from passers by.

One particularly memorable incident was when a group of Japanese teenage girls, whom I initially thought were just huddled and hanging around, suddenly turned to the crowd and broke into a dance!

So it looks like anything goes in this city when it comes to entertainment. And if you have nothing to do for the weekend and you don’t plan on spending a lot, you may not  need to really.. A visit to the city would most likely make an interesting affair for your day 🙂

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