Sightseeing in Mount Buller

18 Aug

It still is winter here in Melbourne. It doesn’t snow in this part of the world, but it’s always extremely cold.

Since Law and I are still on tourist mode, we decided to give Mount Buller a try.

We went on an Evergreen sightseeing day tour one Saturday. Pick-up point in Box Hill is at 6:20 AM, so we had to wake up at 5 AM!

It costs an extra $150 for the lessons and ski gear (paid $69 for the tour, which includes return bus fare, ski resort entrance and chair lift). It was quite a big amount to spend for just a few hours, so Law though of just making the decision to ski or not when we arrive at the place.

We reached Mount Buller at around 10 AM and went strolling first to check out the place. Sadly, by the time Law decided to give skiing a try, it was too late for the 11:30 lesson. The next one was at 1:30 PM. And since the lesson goes on for about 2 hours, he might not make it to the 4 PM meeting time to depart back to Melbourne. And he won’t have any time to ski on his own and maximize the money he spent. So it was a big lesson for us – you need to be decided to go skiing once you reach the place so you can rent out your ski gear immediately and go for the first batch of lessons for the day.. And then spend the rest of your day skiing on your own 🙂

We had an enjoyable day nonetheless, taking in the relaxing sights, watching rosy-cheeked children enjoying the snow and tobogganing, and being awed by kids and adults alike dangerously maneuvering their way through the snow 🙂

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