Australian Open 2012

28 Apr

A late post, but just want to share with you our experience and photos from this event.

When we went to Melbourne, the air fares going here were sky high because it was Australian Open season. So during Australia Day, we decided to use up the free time to watch some of the games. The tickets were surely a bit hard on the pockets ($179 a piece for semi final sessions) but considering how many people would flock here just to watch the games and we don’t know if we’re still going to be here in Melbourne next year, we figured it was well worth the opportunity.

We had third row seats so we had a nice view of the court but like the folks in the lower half of this photo, we had to endure the heat of the sun

I must say it was a great experience. We were at the semis after all, so the matches were really thrilling as all the players we watched have proven themselves worthy to have reached so far in the competition. Also, it was fun witnessing how people would loudly cheer for their favorites (Kim was really a crowd favorite) to the point that the chair umpire paused the match for a while to remind the crowd to keep their voices down.

Kim Clijsters, 2011 Australian Open Women’s Champion

Victoria Azarenka, 2012 Women’s Champion, playing in the semis

My favorite moment was when Sharapova was asked by courtside reporter as to what makes her a tough competitor, a male fan shouted “She’s HOT!”. Maria then gushed – “I’m blushing”. LOL.

Grim, determined look. Maria Sharapova thinking of her next move against Petra Kvitova.

Maria signing on the videocam as fans lower down tennis balls for her to sign also

Petra Kvitova

Something to get used to though while watching the matches under the sweltering heat of the sun were the grunting sounds made by both winners of the two matches (Azarenka and Sharapova) while playing. Personally, it was a bit annoying for me. But hey, if that’s their secret for winning (is it suppose to give more strength in their moves? or maybe a ploy to distract the opponent? :p), I’m not one to complain. We went home agreeing with tennis fans that it will be a ‘grunting match’ for the women’s finals 🙂

My husband and I posing for a souvenir photo after the women’s semis

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